post wavers

by dMH



Recorded for the most part in Beijing, China with additional sounds recorded in Dublin, Ireland March to April 2017.

The 'studio' for this session consisted of a cheap, Chinese budget hotel room in a place called, 7 Days which seemed to always have a damp, moldy smell and the bathroom door wouldn't close properly.Perhaps these and several other factors were added as part of the 'charm' of the place, you know, 'ahh, that familiar smell of 'responsible success', but after, '7 days' of staying there I was looking forward to moving on.

Anyway, none of this is directly related to the recordings on this release but I thought I should make a note of it here just so when I look back at this point in dMH, just what I was thinking and where I was thinking it.


released April 25, 2017

Richard: synths, drum machine, bass, and noize.
The cover photo was taken by dMH on line 4 of Beijing Subway. As far as my research can tell, that jacket is available from but in case you can't find it, try this link




dMH Dublin, Ireland

dMH is Richard Doran from Dublin, Ireland. making electronic pop and noise since 2004 in and around Beijing, China and elsewhere.

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